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Everyone wants to live as long as possible. However, it is not enough to eat healthy products to stay healthy. Unfortunately, climate changes have made a significant impact on the length of our lives. It is worth understanding where many centenarians live.

Okinawa, a place where you can find the largest number of centenarians

Okinawa island is located in Japan, in the Kyushu region. It is the place with the largest group of centenarians for 100 000 inhabitants. There are 34,7 of them. Why do they live so long? Their secret is the 80/20 rule and proper diet. Their diet is based on unprocessed food, based on fish and seafood rich in omega-3 acids. What is more, Okinawans often say “Hara hachi bu” before eating – it does not mean “Enjoy your meal”. It tells you how to eat. Literally, it can be translated as “Eat until you reach eight parts” (out of ten). You have to eat to feel full, but not too fully.

Perdasdefog – a charming town in Sardinia where most centenarians live in Europe

Among European countries we can distinguish two countries where many centenarians live. One of them is Italy and its picturesque island – Sardinia which is located on the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second largest island on the Mediterranean Sea. There are 534 people aged 100 or older on the entire island or 33.6 for every 100,000 inhabitants. The reason they live so long is similar to the Japanese island – they eat many fish and have non-stressful lives.