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Most people would like to live as long as possible and it is perfectly normal. However, to be able to live one hundred years in good health you must first of all eat the right food. This article will tell you what eat the inhabitants of the so-called blue zones with the most centenarians?

Let’s start with eating beans and reduce the amount of dairy and eggs

The residents of Blue Zones (the places where a lot of centenarians live) eat beans on a regular basis. It is at least half a cup a day. Each bean is a valuable source of protein of plant origin, fiber and nutrients that effectively reduce the risk of civilization diseases and have a positive effect on the work of the intestines. What is more, there are two components in cow’s milk that our body needs: lactose and casein. With age, the level of these enzymes decreases significantly and every consumption of dairy products can cause unpleasant ailments. On the one hand, it contains a lot of calcium but when you have digestive problems after such products, it is worth limiting their consumption.

Let’s consume less sugar

Residents of the blue zones (centenarians mainly) consume only one-fifth of the amount of sugar that most people in North America or Europe consume. It does not mean that they do not eat sweets and drink sugary drinks at all – they consume them rarely, only on special occasions. It helps them not to put on weight and stay healthy. What is more, it is essential in teeth protection.